Great-niece of Walter Lindrum. Managing Director and Founder of Lindrum Legends. Registered company & Trademark owner of Walter Albert Lindrum, Dolly Lindrum and Lindrum Legends.

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Books by Walter Lindrum

Utmost gratitude to Dale Mackay for providing these resources, allowing us to share Walter Lindrum’s billiards insights with the world. We hope that viewers can digest these books, studying the beautiful game and taking their skills to a higher level.

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Walter Lindrum with James Fitzgerald and Tom Reece

A big thanks to David Pitt for allowing us to share his thoroughly informative article, “A History of Billiards in Melbourne”, at Extract from “A history of billiards in Melbourne” by David Pitt for the program for the Endeavour Life Care 2019 World Billiards Championship held at the RACV Club Melbourne. Article Source: […]

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Walter Lindrum

Walter Lindrum wrote here with my treatise on Billiards: “A game I have always loved and at which I am proud to be the worlds leader.” Walter has made 711 breaks over 1000 29 breaks over 2000 2 breaks over 3000 1 break over 4000 Walter held 57 world records: also English, Australian, Irish, Scottish, […]

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