Walter Lindrum

"The greatest billiards player who ever lived." - Sir Donald Bradman.

Walter Lindrum

Held the World Professional Billiards Championship from 1933 until 1950.

Walter Lindrum

Set 57 world records in billiards, some of which still stand.

Walter Lindrum

Inducted into The Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1985 and elevated to “Legend of Australian Sport” in 1998.

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Walter Lindrum - The Official Website

Walter “Wally” Lindrum was thought by many as the greatest billiards champion the world has ever known. There is not another sportsman in history that has as many records that remain unbroken. This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Walter Lindrum, one of Australia’s greatest sporting legends. Our mission is to ensure that Walter's remarkable talent along with his unbeaten records in the game of billiards are never forgotten, help promote Australian cue sports, and inspire those that have a love and passion for Billiards to achieve great success in the sport.

Billards Records

A Record-Breaking Tour

In the final match of the Manchester 1930 tour against Willie Smith, two-time world billliards champion, Walter Lindrum set numerous records: the highest individual aggregate (36,256), the largest winning margin (21,285), a record match average (262), and a record number of four-figure breaks (11).

World Record Break

In January 1932, in a match against reigning world champion Joe Davis, in London, Walter Lindrum occupied the table for 2 hours 55 minutes, for about 1900 consecutive scoring shots and compiled a world record break of 4137, which included 15 sequences of nursery cannons to accumulate 2578 of his points.

More Prominent Records

Walter Lindrum holds the record break for each country that he played in, the fastest century break (46 seconds) and 1011 points in 30 minutes. In 1933 on a tour to South Africa, Walter Lindrum claimed a new world record for fast scoring when he completed 1000 points in 28 minutes in Johannesburg.

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Walter Lindrum – Master Billiards Player – It is one hundred years since Lindrum was born, thirty eight since he left us we remember and mourn. For outstanding champions seldom are seen, immortals are rarer and few there have been, Who excelled at their sport with his skill and flair, he shattered opponents they were left in despair!…

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Walter Lindrum – Wayne Carey’s Tribute

Thank you to Wayne Carey for giving us permission to post part of his article on our website. This is a very touching article highlighting the incredible legacy that Walter Lindrum has left on the game, which has permeated global snooker and billards, and spanned multiple generations into the present day.

Wayne Carey is the Media and Communications Officer for the New Zealand Billiards and Snooker Association.

Article & Author’s Photo: APSBF March Billiards & Snooker Newsletter 2022

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