The MacRobertson Shield_Croquet

On Wednesday the 17th of November the New Zealand Croquet Team paid a surprise visit to the Yarraville club for some much needed relaxation following their 10-11 loss to Australia in the first round of croquet’s equivalent of the football World Cup playoffs, The MacRobertson Shield. The MacRobertson Shield consists of three five-day tests between […]

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Image of Walter Lindrum and Clark McConachy

Thank you to Wayne Carey for giving us permission to post part of his article on our website. This is a very touching article highlighting the incredible legacy that Walter Lindrum has left on the game, which has permeated global snooker and billards, and spanned multiple generations into the present day.

Wayne Carey is the Media and Communications Officer for the New Zealand Billiards and Snooker Association.

Article & Author’s Photo: APSBF March Billiards & Snooker Newsletter 2022

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Image of Cody Turner, Snooker Champion from New Zealand

Cody first picked up a cue as a young 14-year-old. He grew up with his mother in a state-owned home in Cannons Creek, Porirua. Snooker was the game of choice in Porirua at the local club, where he could go with his mum and have fun in a safe environment. He was immediately noticed as […]

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Tammy Lindrum dancing with Uncle Bill Ellis

My Heritage I am the youngest daughter of Horace Lindrum, a past World Champion Snooker player. Walter was my Great Uncle and Godfather. Dolly was my second cousin and Godmother. I was christened Tam and still have a copy of my commemorative certificate along with the Silver Christening cup from Dolly and Walter, which I […]

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Walter Lindrum with James Fitzgerald and Tom Reece

A big thanks to David Pitt for the thoroughly informative article. Extract from “A history of billiards in Melbourne” by David Pitt for the program for the Endeavour Life Care 2019 World Billiards Championship held at the RACV Club Melbourne. Article Source: Photo (Walter Lindrum, James Fitzgerald, and Tom Reece taken in 1953) supplied […]

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Walter Lindrum

Walter wrote here with my treatise on Billiards: “A game I have always loved and at which I am proud to be the worlds leader.” Walter has made 711 breaks over 1000 29 breaks over 2000 2 breaks over 3000 1 break over 4000 Walter held 57 world records: also English, Australian, Irish, Scottish, American, […]

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