Anna Lynch and Rob Hall

This section is dedicated to showcasing the achievements and contributions of Walter Lindrum Grant winners in Billiards or Snooker.

Anna Lynch and Rob Hall - Walter Lindrum Grant Winners 2019 click on the image to zoom in

2019 Winners

Anna Lynch and Rob Hall

Earlier in 2019 Anna became Australian National Women’s Billiards Champion. Anna then became the World Women’s Billiards Champion at the RACV Club in Melbourne in October 2019, as Australia’s sixth World Champion in Billiards.

Joe Minici - Walter Lindrum Grant Winner 2020 click on the image to zoom in

2020 Winner

Joe Minici

Joe Minici is a two-time Australian National Billiards Champion. The popular and garrulous New South Welshman has a competition high break of 429. Joe received the grant because of his love of the game and Walter, and he continues to recite the poem to keep Walter's memory alive.

Rob Hall - Walter Lindrum Grant Winner 2021 click on the image to zoom in

2021 Winner

Rob Hall

Rob Hall is a highly acclaimed billiards player from England, being a 9-time English champion, a 3-time World Championship finalist, and having over 14 wins in world ranking events.

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Cody Turner - Walter Lindrum Grant Winner 2022 click on the image to zoom in

2022 Winner

Cody Turner

Cody Turner is a talented young snooker player from New Zealand, who is the 2020 Oceania Under-21 Snooker champion, and received a wildcard to qualify for the World Championship. Having defeated some of Australia's best in continental tournaments, and won numerous New Zealand ranking events at senior level, he is unanimously voted as a worthy recipient of the grant to support his love of the game and assist him fund his attendance in tournaments being held this year. Walter Lindrum's connection with New Zealand dates back to the 1920s, when he and New Zealand's Clark McConachy dominated the English billards scene along with Tom Newman and Joe Davis. Read Cody's bio here

Anna Lynch - Walter Lindrum Grant Winner 2023 click on the image to zoom in

2023 Winner

Anna Lynch

Anna Lynch is a professional jazz piano player & piano tutor, and runs her own Music Tuition School in Melbourne. After obtaining her degree in the piano from the Victorian College of the Arts, she was by chance seduced by the wonderful game of billiards. Read Anna's bio here

Walter Lindrum Grant winners 2024: Peter Gilchrist (Singapore) and Julie Watson (Australia) click on the image to zoom in

2024 Winners

Peter Gilchrist & Julie Watson

Peter Gilchrist is a world-renowned professional English billiards player originally from England but later representing Singapore. His dedication and talent have solidified his status as one of the greatest English billiards players of all time. His achievements continue to inspire and influence players around the world. Julie Watson is the current two-time Victorian Women's Billiards champion. A popular figure in the Australian billiards and snooker scene, she has shown great dedication to promoting cue sports for women in Australia, and competes in a variety of cue sports.