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Tammy Lindrum

Great-niece and Goddaughter of

Walter Lindrum

Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association

Vice President

Managing Director and Founder of

Lindrum Legends

Walter Albert Lindrum, Dolly Lindrum and Lindrum Legends

Trademark Owner

About Me

I was fortunate to be born into a family of champions, which gave me so much to appreciate about sport and everything that can be achieved with the right mindset. I am forever proud of the amount of money raised for charity by both Horace, my dad, and Walter, my great uncle, during their lives.

A Lindrum lesson from my dad that has stayed with me always: “If you do something, always do it well, and give back whenever you can." I began my working life as a registered nurse, which grounded me, and to this day I hold the greatest admiration and respect for our front-line workers. I could write a book about the stories of what anyone who works in a hospital is subjected to, as well as the many rewarding moments when precious lives are saved or just being with someone holding their hand as they gently pass away.

After nursing, I have spent 36 years of my life in the pharmaceutical industry in sales management and marketing roles, which has provided me with experience and transferrable skills that have been of great benefit in both life skills, coaching, and business.

In 2023, I was proudly elected to the role of Vice President of the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association. It is such an honour and privilege to be able to help and support all cue sports in Victoria. I see this as a legacy on behalf of the great sporting champions that came from the family I am part of.

While my passion was horses, polo, and tennis, my late Aunt Dolly made sure that I would keep the family name at the top of Australian legends and sporting hero memories, so I was indeed coached by the best. Dolly Lindrum is loved by many but never forgotten.

I hope to exceed expectations in representing cue sports while at the same time preserving my family heritage to the best of my ability.

Tammy Lindrum

Event Timeline

Tammy Lindrum accepting Walter's induction in the Goldfields Sporting Hall of Fame


I was very proud to accept the honour of Walter being inducted into the Goldfields Sporting Hall of Fame. Walter's picture now hangs in the Town Hall building in Kalgoorlie. The paving stone in the picture has been laid at the front of the Town Hall.

2019 Scotch Doubles teams Anna Lynch (Aus) and Rob Hall (UK) vs Judy Dangerfield (Aus) and Steve Mifsud (Aus) compete to win the rights to decide where the Walter Lindrum Grant would be used Tammy Lindrum presenting Anna Lynch with the winner's trophy for the 2019 World Women's Billiards Championship

October 14, 2019

2019 World Billiards Championships Melbourne

Scotch Doubles teams Anna Lynch (Aus) and Rob Hall (UK) vs Judy Dangerfield (Aus) and Steve Mifsud (Aus) compete to win the rights to decide where the Walter Lindrum Grant would be used. Congratulations Anna and Rob who decided that the Grant is going to support women's cuesports. I was fortunate to be able to join Robby Foldvari in the commentary box for the start of the World final. Robby sits alongside the legendary Walter Lindrum as one of only two Australian World Professional Billiards Champions. I presented Anna Lynch with her trophy having won the World Women's Billiards Championship. Congratulations Anna! I also got to take some new friends on a trip down memory lane (Walter's billiards room). Lindrum Legends extend Congratulations to Peter Gilchrist on winning the world title. It was a tremendous week for Billiards with many hoping to see the World Championships held in Australia again in the future.

Tammy Lindrum presenting trophies for the 2022 Ruby Roberts Victorian Women’s Billiards Championship (winner Julie Watson, runner-up Anna Lynch)

September 17, 2022

Great weekend watching our fantastic Victorian Ladies Billiards Champions. Congratulations to Julie Watson our winner and runner up Anna Lynch, such a close match. Both amazing players. So proud to be presenting the trophies.

Tammy Lindrum presenting trophies for the 2023 Ruby Roberts Victorian Women’s Billiards Championship (winner Julie Watson, runner-up shelley Ames)

July 1, 2023

Congratulations to Julie Watson and runner up shelley Ames for their remarkable play at the Ruby Roberts Victorian Women’s billiards state finals. I’m so honoured to present Julie with the winners trophy 2 years in a row. How proud Ruby Roberts would be to see our female talent in this world of diversity and inclusion. Ruby was a female legend in the 1930s and so inspiring knowing that a male dominated sport didn’t stop her. Congratulations Julie and all the players today. Such a great event and thank you to Graeme Walters for making it happen at Cheltenham in Victoria.

Tammy Lindrum with the 2024 Australian Under 21 Billiards Championship contenders

April 4, 2024

So proud to be the Vice President of the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association and get to meet our under-21 future World Billiard Champions. The skill and commitment they demonstrate are admirable.

Tammy Lindrum presenting Steve Mifsud the trophy for winning the 2024 Victorian Billiards Championship

April 26, 2024

So proud to be asked to present the trophies to winner Steve Mifsud and runner-up Simon Scerri at the Victorian Billiards Championship tonight. A special mention goes to Dinesh Bajaj for taking out the Tournament Directors Award.

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