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Anna Lynch - Walter Lindrum Grant Winner 2023
Anna Lynch – Winner of Walter Lindrum Grant 2023

We are updating the open date and the terms of the Walter Lindrum Grant. Don’t forget to follow us. We will soon announce the updates on our social media. Please view our grant winners here.

The grant was created for the World Billiards Championships held in Melbourne in 2019. Each year we provide a grant of $1000 AUD to help players with their costs to attend the championships. The Grant is open to those who are registered players with State based Billiards Associations or with the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Please provide:

  1. Proof of your registration for the event, and
  2. Reasons for why you should be selected for the grant, and
  3. A reference(s) to any media links.

Forward your application to . If you have any queries, please submit them using the form below. Best of luck!

    Please tick if you are a human, not a robot.

    Please forward your application to . Thank you.