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Tammy Lindrum with Walter Lindrum's Hall of Fame inductee plaque in Kalgoorlie Town Hall

I am the youngest daughter of Horace Lindrum, a past world snooker champion. Walter Lindrum was my great-uncle and godfather. Dolly Lindrum was my second cousin and godmother. I was christened Tam and still have a copy of my commemorative certificate along with the silver christening cup from Dolly and Walter, which I must confess […]

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In memory of Dolly Lindrum

Dolly was born Irene May, and following her mother’s death from birth complications, she was adopted by her grandparents, and became known as Dolly. She was Walter Lindrum’s niece, and he considered her the daughter he never had. For most of her life, she was heavily involved in the running of the family billiard room at 317 Flinders Lane.

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Walter Lindrum performing trick shots of billiards

A visual representation of the life of Walter Lindrum, the world’s greatest ever billiards player. These photos were provided by a number of friends; some were purchased from eBay, and some can be found in the public domain.

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