Tammy Lindrum with Walter Lindrum's Hall of Fame inductee plaque in Kalgoorlie Town Hall click/tap the image to view at full size

I am the youngest daughter of Horace Lindrum, a past world snooker champion. Walter Lindrum was my great-uncle and godfather. Dolly Lindrum was my second cousin and godmother.

I was christened Tam and still have a copy of my commemorative certificate along with the silver christening cup from Dolly and Walter, which I must confess I need to clean.

Aunty Dolly rarely left Melbourne; however, she attended my first wedding in Narrabeen, NSW, as well as my dad’s funeral in 1974.

I particularly love the photo of me dancing with Bill Ellis, Aunty Dolly’s one and only husband, at their wedding, where I was the flower girl. Aunty Dolly had many boyfriends, and I had many uncles growing up, but her final resting place is together with Uncle Bill after we lost her on the 10th of January 2019.

Aunty Dolly and I shared a close relationship because of our love of animals and reminiscing family stories over a cup of tea and slice of cake, and when I couldn’t be in Melbourne, we spoke every Saturday at 10 a.m. I miss her immensely.

Please read my tribute to the exemplary and captivating Dolly Lindrum.

Great-niece of Walter Lindrum. Managing Director and Founder of Lindrum Legends. Registered company & Trademark owner of Walter Albert Lindrum, Dolly Lindrum and Lindrum Legends.

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