Ruby Roberts - the lady billiards champion

Ruby Roberts

The Lady Billiards Champion

Diary of my travels abroad 1910-1911 (21)
Ruby Roberts, the lady billiards champion - Diary Entry 21

Ruby Roberts, the champion billiardiste, is at present playing young Lindrum a game of 16,000 up, at Alcock’s rooms. Ruby is fair and small, with a pair of keen blue eyes, and she uses her cue a lot better than most women do the pot-stick or the broom. - (1914). The bulletin Retrieved December 22, 2023, from

Jan 12. Reached home about 12.30. I practised all the morning as usual and rested until tea time about 5.30pm. Mr McKenzie called round in his car and took us out to Kokaine Lakes about 17 miles out of Rangoon and we had a gorgeous car as Mr McKenzie has the largest garage in Rangoon and he was so kind he put a car with chauffer at our disposal all the time we were there. We did enjoy the drive as it is so picturesque and it is so novel going through the native villages. We got back in time to change for dinner as Mac had invited a number of people to meet me. We had a very nice dinner and after I played Mr Robertson a game and then Mac after which we had supper and Mac drove us home. Mr and Mrs Robertson and Mum sat in the back and I sat in front with Mac. We took the Robertson home first as they had some distance to go and Mac thought the drive in the cool night air would do me good after playing all the evening. I was so glad he did not invite Mr and Mrs R, they are so terribly stiff and seem to take the fun out of everything. We had a real enjoyable evening.

(Jan 13) I went to the Minter next morning and had a game with Mr Nahapiet, had a quiet day as the previous day had been rather strenuous.

Public Gardens Rangoon
Public Gardens Rangoon via Wikimedia Commons

(Jan 14) I received a letter from Jack asking if I would care to go for a drive to the Lakes after dinner as there was to be a special band. So I rang him up to thank him and to accept. He called round after dinner for us with his “trap”. He could not bring the car as they were not allowed into the gardens. We drove round the lakes and to the Lake Club. The club is situated right in the edge of the lake and it was a lovely sight, the club being brilliantly lighted and the reflection in the water and all the small boats on the lake, also people walking about the grounds in evening dress. The band was particularly good. They played La Paloma, my favourite and all the rage at the time. Some of the bandsmen went across the lake in a boat and when the band on shore would stop playing, they would take it up which made it sound like an echo across the water. The effect was delightful and they had to play it over several times. The gardens surround the lake and there is a path right round which is called Serpentine Drive. We could hear the band from any part of the gardens so we drove round and round, then we went to the club and had some refreshments. Arrived home about midnight, after a very delightful evening. Jack is a very good looking young man and very good company.

Merchant Road Rangoon via Wikimedia Commons
Merchant Road Rangoon via Wikimedia Commons

(Jan 15) Sambo brought in Chota Hazri very early so Mum and I got up and went for a walk, the only time one can walk in the east is the early morning or late evening. The rest of the day is too hot for anything. Before I forget, I must mention the sunsets in the east. They are gorgeous and we never got tired of looking at them. About 5pm Mac called with the car and took us for a drive to Kokaine Lakes and then back to his place for dinner. Pot luck he called it but it was delicious and we all enjoyed it. After dinner I showed him a few shots and we had a short game. After supper he took us for a short drive before taking us home.

(Jan 16) We had decided not to get up too early as we had had several late nights but alas for our good intentions. Mrs Coleman came to our room at 8am to say that there were three gentlemen to see me. I asked her to find out what they wanted. They sent word to say that they had a car waiting to take me to the club to try the table, so I had a dreadful rush to get dressed. When we arrived at the Club they would insist on me having breakfast as I had missed mine and afterwards I played three games. It was a very nice table almost new. Mr Green drove me home in his car. During the afternoon Jack rang up and asked if I would like to go for a drive in the afternoon. I enjoyed these afternoon drives as they seemed to freshen me up for the evening’s play. He called about 6pm and drove me out in his “trap”. We went round the lakes and then sat and listened to the band while the “syce” (footman) stood at the horses head and kept the flies off with his “brush”.

Jack gave me three lovely boxes of sweets, two chocolates and one was preserved fruits put up in gorgeous boxes tied with coloured ribbon. Jack was very upset because he could not drive me to the Club that evening but Mac had got in first and arranged to drive us in his car. I had quite a busy time keeping the two of them going. They did not like each other but I liked them both. By this time Jack had got to the stage of calling me “Ruby lips” much to my embarrassment but he was so nice that I could not be too severe with him. Mac was a different type altogether and I could not make up my mind which one I liked best. Mac called after dinner with his car and drove us to Tattersalls Club where I played Mr Bannard the first half of the evening. After we had refreshments I played much better and made a very nice 64 break. We had a number of ladies in the audience and they seemed to enjoy the game very much. Mac drove us home and as usual took us round the lakes first. This is the most popular run for a short drive.

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