Message from Tammy Lindrum (Great-niece of Walter Lindrum)

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Lindrum Legends was established in 2019. We created The Walter Lindrum Grant to help raise the profile of cue sports in Australia and to help Australians that want to compete at World Level competition. The name Walter Lindrum belongs to our history, our country, and the world as it does to those that love the game of Billiards. It is for this very reason I wanted to create this commemorative website to honour a Legend.

The purpose of this website is to ensure that Walter’s remarkable talent, along with his unbeaten records in the game of billiards, are never forgotten. There is not another sportsman in history that has as many records that remain unbroken. Even the Great Sir Donald Bradman has had his legendary records broken in recent years.

Our mission is to keep the integrity of Australian history alive and help promote Australian cue sports. No other champion of billiards has a record which remotely approaches Lindrum’s record. Our long term goal is to inspire those that have a love and passion for Billiards to achieve great success in the sport.

The Walter Lindrum Grant

The grant was created for the World Billiards Championships held in Melbourne in 2019. Each year since we provide a grant of $1000 AUD to help players with their costs to attend the championships. The Grant is open to those that are registered players with State-based Billiards Associations or with the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Each year we award the Walter Lindrum Grant to support players – to date we have awarded 3 Grants:

2019 – Awarded to Anna Lynch and Rob Hall. Anna nominated that the grant would go towards increasing the profile of female players in Australia.Anna Lynch and Rob Hall

2020 – Awarded to Joe Minici for his contribution to the game of Billiards as well as his ongoing commitment to the memory of the great Walter Lindrum.

Joe Minici 2020 Grant Recipient
Joe Minici 2020 Grant Recipient (source:

2021 – Awarded to Rob Hall of the UK for his ongoing commitment to the game of Billiards.

Bit by bit I absorbed everything great masters of the cue had left for my help, a priceless heritage for which I want to express my gratitude.” – Walter Lindrum, in Billiards 1930.

I wish to express my gratitude & feel incredibly blessed to have had Dora and her son Arthur help me create Walter’s website, along with Dale Mackay and Graeme McNeil who pushed me to ensure Walter’s awe-inspiring memory is preserved.

Author: Tammy Lindrum

Great-niece of Walter Lindrum. Managing Director and Founder of Lindrum Legends. Registered company & Trademark owner of Walter Albert Lindrum and Dolly Lindrum.